January 20, 2014
Hi Mr. Moon,

After some time it looks like progress is being made on Gabriella’s roof. At times it looked like we were never going to get the problem corrected—and I’m sure you must have felt the same way. The side of the house with the built in gutter is ready for the windows. But, in no way are we in a hurry for you to get that work done. Do them when the weather and your schedule permits—believe me, do not rush to get the job done.


I don’t think there is another contractor anywhere who could have been more patient with us or helped us more than you in getting the work done. We are sorry for any problems this delay may have caused you or your nephew. If you guys ever need to use us as a reference for the work done please do so.


We have enjoyed working with you and your nephew and the windows look great. As always, thanks for everything, they look great and help a lot! Hope everything is going well.

Nancy and Roger Lively (for Gabriella Lively)


July 12, 2006
Dear Mr. Moon,

Please accept our grateful thanks for your outstanding work in installing storm windows on our home. Your professionalism and care for the customer shone through at every step in the process. We also much appreciated the great skill and professionalism of your installation crew, headed up by your nephew. His recommendation that we paint the house before installation, and your great patience while we located a painter and had the job done, made an enormous difference in the quality of the final job.

It’s been a pleasure working with you. Please don’t hesitate to give our name to any prospective customer as a reference!

Best regards,
John Ulmschneider


March 19, 2006


Rick Fox
Richmond, Va.

We had the distinct pleasure of working with Mr. Moon and Dominion Window this past year as we renovated our “new”, 100 year old home in Ginter Park. We needed a quality storm window that would protect the original house windows as well as be functional. And we had over 45 windows, some very non-standard, to deal with. The Velv-A-Lume storm windows were an excellent recommendation by Mr. Moon- quality throughout and a low profile that helps retain the historic look of the house. But anyone can sell you a storm window! Dominion set itself apart with their superior customer service. Dominion’s expert installation demonstrated an attention to detail not often found today. They took the extra time and made the extra effort to ensure the windows were installed right and to last.

The Velv-A-Lume storm windows were not an inexpensive option. But, we feel they were well worth the investment and will provide many years of comfort and protection from the elements.

We first heard about Mr. Moon and Dominion Window from trusted friends who personally recommended him to us. We are happy to do the same- confident in the quality, care and workmanship they will receive.


Thanks... Rick Fox