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 Velv-a-Lume Specifications


MATERIALS: Frame and sash main members are made of T6063-T6 aluminum alloy extrusions. Typical extrusion wall thickness is .050 inches for frame sections and .0465 inches for sash and screen sections. Sash and screen extrusions are of tubular design for additional strength and rigidity.

CONSTRUCTION: Frame components are assembled using double screw coped corner construction and are secured by #6 x 3/4" 410 stainless steel screws. Frame depth with expander is 1". Extruded aluminum expanders are used at the head, jambs, and sill to compensate for opening irregularities. Frame head utilizes a recess to capture the top of the upper sash for added strength and rigidity. An extruded channel at the sill is used for positive water drainage. An integral tongue extruded onto the sill mates with the bottom of the lower sash for improved rigidity and water control.
Active sash components are joined at the corner using mitered corner construction and are fastened with zinc die cast self locking corner angles. An extruded aluminum interlock is located at the meeting rails for strength and improved resistance to air infiltration. Weeps are employed at the bottom of each sash to effectively vent any accumulated water from the sash.

GLAZING: Both sash are channel glazed using a flexible vinyl glazing gasket along the perimeter of a single lite of glass. Both sash may be re-glazed if necessary using existing sash rails. Glazing options consist of clear, tinted, obscure, and tempered glass.

SCREEN: Screen frame is made of tubular T6063-T6 aluminum alloy extrusions and employs mitered corner construction, fastened at the corner with self locking zinc die cast corner angles. Screen cloth is of aluminum wire mesh held firmly in place by a solid vinyl spline. HARDWARE: Sash are equipped with spring loaded combination zinc die cast/stainless steel slide bolts (with wire form handle, lower sash) that positively engage punched holes in the master frame at predetermined locations along the travel path of the sash. Stainless steel tension springs located on one sash stile and one screen stile hold the inserts firmly in place. Upper sash utilizes a stainless steel lock plate that prevents sash movement from the outside. Stainless steel wire form handle on screen allows screen to be latched in place when fully closed.

FINISHES: All aluminum extrusions in master frame, sash, and screen are finish painted with an electrostatically applied enamel in a choice of three colors: White, Bronze, and Tan.

INSTALLATION: Installation of window shall be furnished by others and should be done in a professional manner. Window shall be set plumb and square in opening with no twisting or distorting of the window, and shall be properly anchored. A non-hardening sealant compatible with aluminum shall be provided by the installer and applied by the installer in sufficient quantity to provide a watertight seal between the window and opening.

OPERATION: After installation, window shall operate smoothly with no binding of either sash. Sash shall fully interlock at the meeting rail when both sash are in the fully closed position. Frame jambs shall be straight with no bowing in or out and sash shall positively engage the frame jamb at all points along the sash stile. Sash slide bolts shall positively engage the holes in the frame jamb.
Sash and screen will be removable to the inside provided enough clearance exists between the primary window and the storm window frame.

WARRANTY: Window is covered by West Window Lifetime Limited Warranty



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